It is located in a strategic area of the Province of Buenos Aires, on Provincial Route No. 6, height km. 62; the only one that cuts across all paths to Capital Federal, from north to south, going from the river of Zárate, where born at the intersection with the RN12 Route to completion in the RP 215 in Etcheverry cross, Party of La Plata.

It is 54 km from the Federal Capital and 51 km from the city of La Plata. It is a long distance route of 180 km fully renovated and paved extension, crossing routes and the following matches: RN 12 in Zárate, RN 9 in Campanal, RN 8 in Pavon, RN 7 and RP 7 in the Party of Lujan, RP 24 in General Rodriguez, RP 40 in the stop Zamudio, RN 3 and RN 205 in Cañuelas, RP 16 and RP 58 in San Vicente, RP 210 in Alejandro Korn and angel Etcheverry in La Plata.

The Benefits of Settling in San Vicente

San Vicente has extensive coverage of public services, extensive road network connecting the area to the main ports and the provincial, national and international markets. Private entrepreneurs are developing first class hotel projects, and a significant number of urban developments that increase the supply of permanent housing. The municipality has also set a goal to promote industrial activity, not only adhering to the Provincial Promotion Law, but they have also designed tools to provide adequate incentives at a Municipal scale.