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Every detail well thought


The grouping of industrial enterprises in a "territorial space", alscalled Polygon or Industrial Park, has as objective ttake advantage of sharing equipment and common services, such as electric energy, effluent sewage, availability of water for industrial use and gas network, telephone and Internet connections, security systems, etc.

The concentration of investment in infrastructure and urban planning facilities further improve the extension and use of public services which allows for greater environmental protection and makes it easier for businesses inclusion in regulations. All this has led to the development of a large number of enterprises related to the subject, mostly successful, and that have been responding to a greater or lesser extent to market demands. The great challenge we set is to implement an innovative proposal.

Effectively, along with the infrastructural services we have also added some offers in our proyect:

  • Private parking in Office Area.
  • Complementary Business Center which can also provide with: minibank, library, laundry room, gastronomic delivery, snack bar, occupational medicine, etc
  • Business Incubator Room.
  • Portal acces with shared use of administrative office.
  • Job School.
  • Recreational area and services for associates, including:
    1. Lush trees
    2. Sports area and swimming pool
    3. Restaurant
    4. Multipurpose Hall for events
    5. Business Center
    6. “ExpIndustrias” area
  • All of this will be possible thanks to the integrated use of a fraction of 160 hectares of our property, which has enabled us to develop an ambitious project, as it can be seen in the attached Master Plan.
  • We have another property of our own of 88 hectares located on the other side of the future extension of the Provincial Route 58, with the possibility of generating a second income or access gateway for that route. There will be a blueprint for a technology park model on that property in the future.


  • Soil movement. Demarcation of lots and new streets.
  • 2 mts height perimeter fence and forestation of 15 mts wide on the perimeter band.
  • Entrance portico with security office with magnetic card system or fingerprint recognition to expedite the entry and exit of the park.
  • Access Control.
  • Scale for trucks up to 80 tons.
  • Private Security controlling the complex perimeter.
  • Paved roads of high density concrete, suited for heavy traffic with large spaces both for circulation bands as turning radius for heavy trucks.
  • Distribution of electricity through medium voltage overhead lines.
  • Feasibility gas distribution in medium pressure.
  • Sewage collecting network for overturning each industry.
  • Communications Services (broadband, wi.fi, telephone lines)
  • Storm drains.
  • General lighting.
  • Offices reception and complimentary parking.
  • Parking lots for trucks.
  • Own Heliport.
  • Second order effluent treatment system that allows for the recycling of water (the primary treatment of effluents must be performed by each industry according to the relevant classification of it. It will be mandatory for each industry to build a “Sampling Camera” which will allow for the corresponding monitory).

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