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Descriptive memory


Located on Km 62 of the provincial Route 6, the Park counts with 160 has distributed in 6 phases, the first of them with immediate delivery. The connectivity offered by the linking of the PR 6 and it’s intersection with PR 58 offers a strategic point in logistic and distribution for the establishments.

It comprehends 362 parcels for the installment of industrial, logistic and/or technological establishments with private security service 24 hours a day and reinforced concrete streets. The lots, sheds and offices are handed over with common services, which include: electricity, access to gas, water and sewer system, telephone line and internet. Since we are sharp-edged in telecommunications, the Industrial Park counts with a last generation fiber optic net, being the first in the country with the technological concept called “Smart Park”.



from 2.000 m2 to 80.000 m2

Industrial sheds

from 300 m2 to 45.000 m2 with key-in-hand delivery


administration office

Future corporative building

with offices from 50 m2 to 200m2

Enterprise incubator

and Business Center

3 hectares of reserved private space

adjoining the Park for proprietaries use with recreation and sports area

Job school

for operators of installed companies to be capacitated and orientation for students according the necessities of each company, with internships and practices

Important tax benefits

and provincial, municipal and labor exemptions, as well as access to all benefits given by law nº 13.656 and 13.744 of industrial promotion and the ambit in the Province of Buenos Aires.


G.O.F. & T.O.F.

On a first stage for it’s commercialization, it will count with 120 parcels from 2.000 m2 to 17.000 m2 approximately, which will allow all necessary combinations for reaching the most appropriate alternative for each company. By following this path, the Park will be home to a wide specter of companies, including large-sized industries, as well as the always influent and in constant growth Pymes (Small and medium entreprises). For starters, the G.O.F. for each parcel is provided to be 0,6 and the T.O.F. to be 1,2 with a height of up to 15 mts.

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